Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yay! Socks!

What can I say, I'm lazy. That's my excuse for not blogging. It's my excuse for most things. It works for me.

First of all, the socks. No photos yet. See the excuse for why I'm not blogging more often if you're curious as to why... I've got a WIP photo on ravelry, but nothing since. The socks are made from Tasmanian Merino that I spun myself. They're a lovely dark grey colour, and are incredibly soft. So much so I hate to part with them :p. Meanwhile as they sat there for over a fortnight waiting for me to get around to learning kitchener stitch I suppose my mother has waited just about long enough.

On a different note, I mowed my lawn today. It was the first time in ages, so of course that made the task an absolute bitch. The front lawn now looks like all the other lawns on the street, not something you need a machete to hack through. As for the back lawn? Well I spent 20 minutes out there after i finished the front and reclaimed about 3 square metres of it. Then on one of the downhill slopes I landed on my arse and decided that was enough. I figure if I leave it for long enough I'll discover some lost species there. It's not laziness, it's sharing with nature...

Working in Melbourne's going well, and I'm loving the commute, I'm getting so much knitting done. I'm less enthusiastic about the very early mornings, and the fact that I have maybe 3 hours of fully functioning free time at home for the entire day, but I'm geting a lot of knitting done! The weekends are good and lazy. I get some of the sleep I miss out on during the week, get my washing done, and try to get some of the housework out of the way. I'm also on a no-caffine on the weekend bent. I figure save the caffine for when I need it, and make every effort not to become hooked again. Anyway, I've got a swatch to knit up to work out how many stitches I need for the socks I plan to work on tomorrow... Hopefully I'll have a new pair of socks by the end of the week!