Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week seven: Pixel Hobby

Pixel hobby is a mini-mosaic craft. This is a kit I bought last year from

It took about 8 hours per base plate, so about 48 hours all up. It's lots of fun, you have to look at it from a few steps back to really appreciate the picture, but I plan to do some more. I've got a half-completed kit I bought years ago that I need to finish, and I plan to get one made up for TimCat.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week Six: Cross Stitch

I'm a day late this week, but I'm claiming amnesty on the grounds that it was my birthday last week, and fires broke out everywhere yesterday including on the outskirts of the town where I live. Part of the charm of living in Gippsland.

This week's Finished Object is a stamped cross stitch cushion kit from Semco, dug out from stash.

 Anyway, for full disclosure, this is what was left when I went to bed last night.

(And then uploading photos was slow and I got distracted and didn't finish updating until Tuesday morning.)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 5: Knitted bunny

This week I'd planned on completing a leatherwork project. I have the pieces cut out, I just need to punch some holes, do some basic stamping, and lace them up. Seems simple.

Except I have mild inflammatory arthritis, and I'd forgotten that my hands hate the leather punch with the fire of a thousand suns. REALLY hate it. I need to put it down after 2-3 holes to let the swelling go down and the pain ease. I don't even usually get much swelling.

So, I whipped up a little bunny from handspun alpaca to put aside for Easter. I used this pattern  and failed to do it justice.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 4: Spinning

This week I did some spinning, 100 grams of brown finnish from World of Wool.

It seems I need to do more spinning, I wasn't that happy with my results. It's more even in person than the photo makes it look, but I'm still disappointed with it.

 I also forgot to count the wraps while it was on my niddy noddy, so no idea how long it is. Since I've also forgotten to weigh last week's plant hanger I'm just going to assume that they're exactly the same yardage as each other because that's easier.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 3: Plant Hanger

I'm planning to start growing spider plants. This is going to end badly, because I'll forget to water them and they'll die horrible, horrible deaths. And if I bring them in the cats will eat them and they'll die a horrible, horrible death. The fact it is the worse idea I've ever had not withstanding, I've decided to grow spider plants.

To this end, this week's finished object is a crocheted plant hanger.

ETA: I used this pattern.

I've actually been crocheting a lot this week - there's been a horrible heatwave in South Eastern Australia (over 40 degrees Celcius for most of the week - it rarely gets to 35 in the region where I live, so the weather's been about the only topic of conversation. So I have started working on a throw rug - it's not as obviously horrible an idea as it sounds - since' it's only just started, it's essentially just a strip of coloured fabric at the moment, so it wasn't actually touching me much, and didn't require braining to work on.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 2: Miniatures

Just before Christmas I added miniature painting to my already ludicrously long list of hobbies. I have previously painted miniatures briefly a bit over a decade ago when the Lord of the Rings magazines were available. I painted a couple of the army groups, badly.

I've decided to try again since the Bones minis are attractive and cheap. I currently have a box of Bones minis to paint, and Mr. Iddy has been going through his backlog of unpainted minis and throwing some armies my way for practice. The unicorn I purchased, the skeleton's from Mr. Iddy's collection. It was already primed from a practice run he'd done trying out spray primer on Bones.

Again, they look better in person than in my crappy iphone photo. Perhaps one week I'll round up my FOs and take decent photos of them.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

First finished object for 2014

Pattern used:

A few days ago I randomly decided that my new years revolution would be to complete at least one project a week. Any craft, any size, just get some finished objects already.

Yesterday, 1000km from my craft supplies I only had on-hand accessories from a poorly researched project. Some time spent browsing ravelry, and no regard at all given to gauge or elasticity of the yarn on hand, I set to work on a baby hat using some green bella baby layette I'd purchased a bit over a week earlier in Albury.

It's a nice quick project, and looks better in person  (which honestly isn't hard. Dodgy iphone photo is dodgy). All up it used 43 grams of yarn, which is about 77 metres.