Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 3: Plant Hanger

I'm planning to start growing spider plants. This is going to end badly, because I'll forget to water them and they'll die horrible, horrible deaths. And if I bring them in the cats will eat them and they'll die a horrible, horrible death. The fact it is the worse idea I've ever had not withstanding, I've decided to grow spider plants.

To this end, this week's finished object is a crocheted plant hanger.

ETA: I used this pattern.

I've actually been crocheting a lot this week - there's been a horrible heatwave in South Eastern Australia (over 40 degrees Celcius for most of the week - it rarely gets to 35 in the region where I live, so the weather's been about the only topic of conversation. So I have started working on a throw rug - it's not as obviously horrible an idea as it sounds - since' it's only just started, it's essentially just a strip of coloured fabric at the moment, so it wasn't actually touching me much, and didn't require braining to work on.

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