Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 2: Miniatures

Just before Christmas I added miniature painting to my already ludicrously long list of hobbies. I have previously painted miniatures briefly a bit over a decade ago when the Lord of the Rings magazines were available. I painted a couple of the army groups, badly.

I've decided to try again since the Bones minis are attractive and cheap. I currently have a box of Bones minis to paint, and Mr. Iddy has been going through his backlog of unpainted minis and throwing some armies my way for practice. The unicorn I purchased, the skeleton's from Mr. Iddy's collection. It was already primed from a practice run he'd done trying out spray primer on Bones.

Again, they look better in person than in my crappy iphone photo. Perhaps one week I'll round up my FOs and take decent photos of them.

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