Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 2008

Well, it's been forever since I've blogged. Unfortunately as disappointed as I am in myself, I'm not terribly surprised.

Things that have happened in my life since November: Started back working in my region, with the program area and manager of my choice. I had been looking at job ads elsewhere, but it's really hard to be miffed when you are given exactly what you want. The upside of that is that I'm loving work. Fortunately, my manager and I work well together. We'd worked on the same project before, but never really together. Whereas I've never worked as closely with a manager as I do my current one. Fortunately it appears our strengths compliment each other, and I feel we're doing really good work. As the stress increases as we get closer to the end of the financial year, we'll see how optomistic I remain!

On the knitting front, I got the shawl I wanted for the air conditioned office knitted, and I love it. It's soft and purple - sock yarn purchased from Moseley Park Store. Maybe in a later update I'll share a photo, but for now I am lazy!

Also, I've gotten back in touch with my eldest sister. We had been out of touch for years. This means I instantly have another big sister, another brother-in-law, and their 18 and 16 year old children back in my life. Given the children are essentially all grown up now, and each was still a child when I last seen them, I'm feeling very neglectful! The eldest has even left home already!